Why Surf?

When you’re on a wave, time ceases to exist, and you’re in a such an intense combined state of euphoria, peace, presence and excitement that it’s something you have to return over and over again. Once you realize that, to live any other way would seem completely insane.
— Eckharte Tolle

Its so easy to be distracted these days from taking time out and doing things that make us feel alive!  For me the most wonderful thing about surfing is the complete relaxation it brings. You can have a thousand things on your mind, but when you’re paddling out, feel the waves hit your skin everything else pales into insignificance and you push all your problems aside. With friends or by yourself taking to the ocean is medication and fantastic physical exercise, in fact, did you know that surfing strengthens your core and leg muscles because of the constantly changing movements and even an hours session can burn as many as 130 to 260 calories? –  so what you waiting for – you have to experience it!

Anna ClarkComment