The Chill House Bali

“Travel not to find yourself but to remember who you've been all along”

For as long as I can remember I wanted to experience Bali by myself. I've visited this magical place twice now but each time it was with other people. I wanted to feel how it felt to have the freedom to explore, surf and meet new friends. I needed therefore to base myself somewhere that was safe and that I'd feel comfortable staying as a solo female traveller.. this is when I came across The Chill House in Canggu.


After a 17 hour flight it was good to touch down and feel the warm air hit me as I stepped off the plane. I was travelling with a really heavy suitcase and a surfboard (which is so awkward to carry) and so was happy to see the driver sent from The Chill House to collect me waiting in arrivals with my name on a board. Helping me with my luggage we set off on the half an hour or so journey to Canggu. It was so nice to sit back and take in all the scenery along the way and experience the madness of the Bali traffic safe inside a car.



The Chill House is a lifestyle retreat made up of stylish accommodation encapsulating typical Balinese décor. The rooms are set amongst enclosed lush tropical gardens with pathways leading you to peaceful areas where you can practice yoga, meditate or read a book and enjoy the calming atmosphere. There are also two amazing communal pools in the retreat, one of which is very quiet and the other that makes up part of the in-house organic Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant 'Cassava'. And is surrounded by cute little seating areas and boho styled swings and chairs – instagram heaven!


My room was all I dreamt it would be, spacious, beautiful, magical and cosy. I had a huge four poster bed draped with white muslin curtains which was so comfy and there was a light breeze travelling through the open plan living space. I settled down for a well needed sleep and easily drifted off listening to the gentle sounds of nature that surrounded me.

Waking up the next morning and diving into a relaxing, warm outdoor shower, where my whole bathroom was outside in a private secluded area felt so natural and free. This had to be my favourite part about The Chill House it was the simplest of things, but being able to feel the warmth of the sun on your body in the morning and gazing up at the moon basking in its natural light in the evenings has got to be one of life's feel-good pleasures.


Being on my own it was so reassuring to stay somewhere that harbours its own small community of likeminded people. Everyone was so friendly, kind and welcoming and it was great to mix with other solo travellers, couples or friends travelling together. The in-house cafe Cassava Bali tended to be the meeting place for everyone as it was where you would take your meals each day. I can't express enough how amazingly healthy and fresh the food is in Bali and everything in Cassava is either vegetarian or vegan. As someone who does eat meat it was lovely to experience eating in this way and it left me feeling so much healthier & nourished AND I actually lost some weight even though I was eating three balanced meals a day (plus drinking endless amounts of coconut water and healthy smoothies)!


A typical day for me when choosing my favourite meals would be the “My Little Pony” for breakfast with the lush black tea they had. The tea had a different taste to it but was so nice, I asked about it and they make it themselves working with a local supplier, it was so refreshing! The My Little Pony was a combination of fresh mango, dragon fruit, strawberries, natural yogurt & chia seeds.


At lunch time I would normally have the “ Avo Beautiful Day” which was gluten-free spinach bread, avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms, two poached eggs and feta cheese. I didn't get bored of this meal daily it was so good! I tried a few other things on the menu for lunch but this had to be my go to.


Dinner at The Chill House was a huge help-yourself buffet! Each night they would have a different theme, my favourite was Tuesday - “Jackfish n' Chips Buffet” Which was Pumpkin soup, spinach bread toast, beer battered jackfruit, hand cut chips, mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber – I loved this combo and it was so nice to try something completely different for a change.


Included in your stay is a daily a yoga class either in the morning or afternoon. They teach a great mix so there's something for all levels such as Vinyasa, Luna Flow, Hatha Flow, Kundalini, Yin as well as Sound Healing and Guided Meditation. I really enjoyed the Yin class as it was super relaxing and I felt really helped to form part of my journey to nourish not only my body but my general well-being.


One of my main reasons for choosing The Chill House was because they offered surf guidance and lessons. If you haven't surfed in Bali before I would definitely advise to go with a group led by a qualified instructor. This way they can assess your level and make sure you're surfing the breaks that are best suited to you. If you are a beginner then there is no better place to learn than under the guidance of these qualified ISA instructors and for a small amount they will pick you up from the Chill House Reception before breakfast so that you can experience an amazing sunrise surf!

If you're an experienced surfer then basing yourself at The Chill House is an absolute must. I knew some of the local beaches where I'd surfed before and I loved the fact that a 5 minute drive on my ped took me down to Echo Beach, the break in front of Finns Beach Club or Old Mans. The latter two are good for intermediate surfers and Longboarders whereas Echo Beach is better for more advanced and confident surfers.

The best thing about surfing in Bali is that its so warm you can surf in your swimwear, but be warned, wear plenty of SPF and zinc – I got caught out just surfing for around 2 hours when it was cloudy and ended up with really bad sunburn!


Although I was only due to stay with The Chill House for a week and had booked to stay at another accommodation in Canggu, I had to return as it was honestly the best place I have ever stayed. After two nights in my new Villa I got back in touch and was lucky enough to be able to book for the rest of my stay in Bali! Its such a great place to base yourself and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's considering visiting Bali as it has something for everyone. Thank you so much to all the lovely staff who made me feel so welcome and for The Chill House management for gifting me this magical experience. I will be back soon!!!

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