Seaglass in Cornwall

“Seaglass is the Ocean’s way of telling us that if you give it something breakable it will turn it into something beautiful”

I recently got together with Lizzie Churchill as we both decided we wanted to do a shoot together again, this time to have a bit of fun and see where it would take us.
Lizzie brought along with her some beautiful handmade jewellery which had been loaned to her by her friend Jane. Jane’s Handmade Jewellery takes inspiration from living by the sea and uses sterling silver, semi precious gemstones, beads and shells to make her uniquely crafted pieces. Trying on the little rings, bangles and delicate seaglass necklaces, I really didn’t want to take them off. – they were so pretty!

You can purchase Jane’s Handmade Jewellery via her facebook page and some of her seaglass collection will display shortly at Xtrospective Art Gallery in Penryn.

Seaglass in Cornwall
Anna ClarkComment