Megs & Me

Megs & Me

My cousin Megs had been asking me to go surfing with her, so on the last day of the Summer Holidays we decided to take the Go-Pro down to Polzeath and have a little surf.

Megs has done quite a bit of surfing now so she wanted to try and work  on her popping up and catching a  ride on a green wave.  I let Megs try out the first board I learnt to surf on which is a  â€œfish” as we felt this would give her a bit more stability.   As we started to try and paddle out past some of the white water, Megs told me that she was feeling a bit frightened so we decided to come back in a bit and catch some of the smaller waves.   She did really well in the smaller surf here and was popping up really easily, catching waves to the shoreline.

Such a good surf session and Megs is improving all the time, just needs a bit more practice and to surf at every opportunity she gets.  I have to finish off every surf lesson with a reward and so we headed up the beach and enjoyed a massive hot chocolate with loads of cream!

Well done Megs and always remember that surfing is a sport that can never be perfected so you just have to progress at the level you feel comfortable at, relax and have fun!

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