Life is better in flip-flops

As you guys may have seen I have recently become an Ambassador for Haines Flip Flops.  I am so excited to have teamed up with such an awesome and surf related brand that fits my lifestyle perfectly!  So, let me tell you a little bit more about why Haines have brought something different to the table for us beach bums! 

IMG_1162 2.JPG


Firstly they have revolutionised the flip flop by introducing an interchangeable strap meaning no more flip flop blowouts!  This is great news for us surfers who love wearing flip flops to the beach as even if they did break, their bespoke plugs allow the straps to be pulled through and changed wherever and whenever!  

It really is as easy as this:

  • get your sole of the flip flop

  • get each three cords

  • pop them through the holes with “in” located on the arrow 

  • pull through, and off you go!


Secondly, if you live in flip flops like I do they are probably the comfiest footwear that I have ever owned.  The soles are cushioned and once you've put them on you won't want to take them off.  I love that I can wear mine anywhere, out shopping, on walks, to festivals and they even look great in the evening on a chilled night out on the Town.



I love the fact that they are also pretty stylish too with so many colour combinations that you can mix and match them to go with any outfit!  My personal favourite combination of Haines is the black sole with the baby pink straps and this is probably because it goes with my surfboard, skateboard and basically my whole wardrobe … I love pink haha! 



So you see............ life really can be so much better in flip flops!!


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