Boho Brides & Mermaids

Boho Brides & Mermaids

I was recently very humbled to be contacted by a lovely lady called Kerry September.  Kerry is a make up artist by trade but has been designing jewellery since she was a teenager and owns her own company  These are truly stunning statement pieces which have been worn by many high profile celebrities and I was so excited to be able to use some of the necklaces in a shoot that I had planned with photographer Jade Berry.

When I received the necklaces I was blown away by their delicate quality and couldn’t wait to show them off.  After a crazy amount of  “mood boards”  Jade and I decided that the Shama Eagle would look great teamed up with a cream chiffon dress and a wild flower bouquet.  We loved that the necklace had a meaning and tried to capture this in the photos ….”The Eagle represents spiritual protection, carries prayers and brings strength and courage”  Shooting in a harvested corn field we got a few strange looks, had to avoid a couple of rain showers……….  BUT when the sun came out Jade caught the “golden hour” perfectly and “Boho Bride” was born!

The second part of our shoot caught us rushing down to Fistral Beach to try and catch a  fiery sunset.  The sky was incredibly wild and the light was fading fast, but this fell to our advantage as we were able to create some magical mermaid and lonely castaway girl images using the loveyoursilver Anchor Chain, Boohoo Dress and a pretty crochet top from Ecly.

Special thanks to Kerry September, Kate Jones (Make up Artist), Ecly Clothing and Wadebridge Flowers…

All images soon to be displayed on my modelling page…

Boho Brides and Mermaids
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